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Empowering you with knowledge - helping you make the right decisions

We recognise much of our work involves high levels of stress for our clients. We are committed to providing excellence in our practice by understanding your needs and providing a bespoke service for each individual instruction.

By the time you consider involving solicitors whether it be relating to family difficulties, probate of a loved one or issues at work you will naturally feel vulnerable and you will want to ensure that you employ someone that will protect your interests, listen to your needs, provide a flexible approach and obtain a settlement as quickly as possible.

By empowering our clients to control the level of service - specifying what they want the solicitor to perform versus what they are comfortable tackling themselves our clients can get maximum value from their solicitor's time. We help you to budget for your legal costs in a controlled manner and avoid the often worrying distress of legal costs spiraling out of control.

Our strength in referral business is exceptional due to the relationship we build with our clients and contacts.

Magna Carta's 800 Year Anniversary

What is it?

The Magna Carta is the foundation of our democracy and our freedom – this is a very big claim to make for a document which was sealed on 15 June 1215. A translation (from Latin) of the original charter can be read here.

Why was it created?

In reality Magna Carta was a peace treaty between King John and his barons who were concerned about the King's cruelty, his taxation policies and his infringements of their liberties. Essentially the document provided for certain limitations on the powers of the reigning monarch. King John had agreed to their terms; rights that were meant to be restricted to free men are now claimed by all. ‘No man is to be arrested, or imprisoned or outlawed, or exiled or in any way destroyed... save by the lawful judgement’ and ‘To no one will we deny or delay, right or justice’.

Why is it important?

While the original version of the Magna Carta wasn't exactly followed to the letter, it was a living document and was revised several times over the years. The charter has had a huge influence in establishing democracies around the world as well as influencing the laws of the UK. The Magna Carta is venerated by The United States as providing the founding principles of its consultation. Commonwealth countries looked to Magna Carta when they became independent.


There are many activities planned this year to celebrate the anniversary and you can find a lot of fascinating information on the history and influence of the Magna Carta on the official Magna Carta 800th anniversary site.